We’re not afraid of commitment

When we set out to build relationship with our clients, we’re definitely in it for the long term. Many of our contracts with universities last between 30 and 50 years, ensuring stability and peace of mind. That doesn’t mean we take our eye off the ball with our smaller and shorter contracts however, we use consistent standards of expertise and care to deliver all of our services.

Giving something back, that’s our way forward…

Unlike many other providers, Derwent FM doesn’t have any shareholders and is wholly owned by housing provider Derwent Living. It means that the business is free to focus on building relationships and delivering excellent long- term customer service.

Profits from Derwent FM’s activity are ploughed back into Derwent Living and further the development or refurbishment of affordable housing. It’s a model that has seen thousands of new homes developed over the last decade and continues to help those in most need access quality housing.